Monday, December 13, 2010


Am I superstitious? Well… I don’t think so.. I don’t believe in spending loads of money on poojas big or small, that are done at the temple. I rather give that money to the old poojari who is conducting the pooja, for they say God would be happier then! …so am I selfish…? Am I giving money to the poojari thinking I ll get more of God’s blessings? Well…. I don’t know!
I have been staying away from my homeland for many years now. Everytime I go back I notice a few new temple structures that have come up. On enquiring why so, I hear that a possible reason could be the sudden bout in the no: of devotees showering money on these temples. Probably expecting God to return the favour, by way of blessings, always ultimately something selfish, that has to do with money!  ….. and thus the economy keeps running!.. he he…J
Then there are some who donate just for the pleasure of seeing their names up on the board hung in front of the organization… but who in the world will know u to be u, unless u have some weird name like Ramakurup vadakethara pillai veettil??? ….
So what really is unselfish giving?
In my understanding, from what my mom once told me, true giving has something to do with the word ‘sacrifice’… it is when you let go of something dear to you, knowing that it would be of much help/ use to the person at the receiving end, that it can be called an unselfish giving…. This has nothing to do with superstition, but has lots to do with belief in the creator, that what we are, we will be.
I wish someday people’s superstition could be converted into unselfish thoughts that would result in giving, which in turn will please God!
Have I been unselfish in giving??? ……  Well….…..!

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