Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'Fixing my Chappathis'

So you think I have gone crazy to declare that I can make my own chapathis!? Buhahaha!.. u will agree with me if you grew up like me without stepping into the kitchen (except at times to fill my plate with more of mama’s delicious curries)..

Soon after getting married (3 yrs ago), I landed straight into a Bangalore kitchen and chapathi is a must cook at any Indian home. I had all the theoretical knowledge to make a break through, but absolutely zero in practicals. So off I went mixing my dough into a sticky and messy mass….. Gwaaad!..NO! .. my chapathis that day stuck to the ‘tawa’ refusing to fall onto its creator’s plate.

The next day I did get over my mistake of pouring too much water but still not separating my chapathis from the hot tawa. Whew!!! …. And in my next day’s trial run, chapathis did come off but much like the paapads… I was on the verge of giving up, but my hubby is so much of a foodie that the thought of losing out on a life saver main course forced me to try again..

(You might want to know what my hubby was doing all the while when the dough gave way/ chappathis turned to baked paapads…… he had his trademark grin and ‘understanding’ look which left me feeling so miserable for not ‘getting it together’)

I would secretly go and check with my colleagues in office as to how they ‘fix’ their chappathis.. all the time dreaming about the perfect rounded delicious chappathis my mom used to make……….

..and then one day it happened!!!! I fixed my chappathis! How? I don’t know…it just happened! J

And today, 3 years later, why I am reminded of my chappathi story is because of one of my guests at home, who commented on how great my chappathis tasted…. Now, is nt that what you call ‘experience’? <wink>

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