Thursday, December 9, 2010

Post Operative Ward - What a World!!!

I delivered my baby in an average hospital which had an above average doctor on its rolls.
This was my second change after reaching Trivandrum, had to do so because of  arrogant behaviour from the ‘experienced’ doc at the expensive hospital where I went to initially. I was made to wait for a painful 2 hrs, in my 9th month, while I watched patients (special recommendation from near and dear) walk in even without a prior appointment. I objected and I was ‘treated’ ‘well’ for that! The doc even refused to see my reports properly and was totally rude! I decided that I cannot take like behaviour at the time of delivery, so moved to a hospital nearer to home.
By this time I had developed some kind of fear towards the doc, lets say to the likeliness of the fear one has for the school principal in his/her 2nd standard. I was very careful with my words/questions.. doc was good except that she was so busy and at one time she would be attending to 4 people!!! Whew! I told myself, its all till my lil one is born.. relax!!!
Finally the day came and I was rolled in for caesarean (I was secretly happy for this!) on emergency.
I will write about my experiences in the operation theater under a separate head.
I opened my eyes, groggy from the general anesthesia I r/d earlier in the day…. In 5 mins I had 5 guys around me trying to lift me off the operation theater bed… since I had r/d no local anesthesia my wound was painfully making its presence felt.. I told them atleast 10-14 times..please…please…slowly…please…I beg u… I beg u…. huh.. I just could hear them exchanging some meaningless jokes…they literally dumped me onto the emergency ward bed, which I had left 2 hrs ago to go in2 the operation theater. It pained and I could nt speak coz I had phlegm in my throat, I was told that’s a side effect of general anesthesia! So I am a mess… a big baad wound and a bad throat.. wait a sec!!!! I am missing something.. where is my baby!!!... my mind was so cloudy.. one secong I am startled.. are they taking me for surgery?... the next.. I remember with relief..its done.. I close my eyes and then again the same questions!!! Someone show my baby!!!!!!!....atlast doc came around, held my hand and asked if I am fine.. she said I will be.. ok that’s my hope too.. I close my eyes..
I wake to a loud call of my name.. I open my eyes.. there in the nurses arm was a teeny tiny lil face I had been longing to see before me, for sooo loooong! My baby…my angel!! J
Then, in came my hubby with a big broad smile on his face.. my mom..( these two faces brought me huge amount of comfort!) … They had to leave me in the post operation recovery ward until next day morning.. I longed to have them near me.. They took my baby away.. they dint even let her, even try to take milk from me… though I had, by my delivery, read all possible article on child birth and post operative care, when the time came I was too groggy and medicated to even remember all that.
The night was setting in…I hated to be left here.. that’s when I noticed.. I had a 95 year old granny on the next bed for company..i saw them giving her shots to sleep..she was all wired up.. I was looking at her motionless body, clad in loose fitting hospital gown, and was suddenly feeling that I should nt be feeling so bad about all what I am going through…. Look at her, poor granny, she cannot even lift herself up!!..i could, in a matter of days time..
They gave me one more injection, I asked for water ( I have not had for the last 12 hrs!) and got it in a filler!!! I tried to sleep….i did… but woke up… and dint know what to do.. the bed was not comfortable and pain was unbearable. I remembered about the granny and drew back the curtain..what I saw wanted me to shout out immediately but my phlegm caught my voice in my throat…. Granny was awake and she has managed to pull all wires off her and was taking off her gown too!!! I cried out with whatever lil voic I had.. “Sister…..SISterrr…sister..SISTERRR…” .. the sisters were sleeping!!!.. in a post operative ward they were sleeping!! Gosh!! .. they heard my 7th call and came over and guess what pulled up my curtain first and asked me “oh, u dint sleep yet…?” baaah!! She felt bad, she was caught!!!!!!! .. they dressed up granny after scolding her for what she has done.. now with the curtains pulled I could nt see anything.. I closed my eyes an dtold myself.. sleeeep…. And waited for the sunlight to stream in and to see my baby’s face again…

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