Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Indo Americano NRI wading the Fork and Spoon

Well… this is quite funny… I have met quite a few back home who have changed into eating with a fork and spoon after coming to US. Spoon is fine.. one may say its just precautionary in a world with H1N1 and likes. But a fork and knife.. errr ... come on! We all know a person born and raised in India needs real training for this one.

I had a guest some time back (when in India) who demanded for a fork and spoon saying that he got the habit after staying in US for some time. Well.. I believed him…… until the day I put my foot down in US.. Here, let me tell you friends, the normal folks you meet in any hotel/ wayside food caravan, any presenter on Food network/ Cooking Channel (top food channels in US) relish their food licking on to their fingers!!!!!… There is nothing stopping them!.......

It is, in my understanding when an Indo - American ‘NRI’ tries vainly to knock off that ‘I’ that he ends up trying such antics as wading a fork!
At the end of it we all live to eat (!!! … atleast most of us food lovers) .. so lets not go after these fancy fork-knife-spoon wading NR(trying to knock off--->) Is …

Atleast when we are back in our homeland… eat like our fellow home landers!!! It will make us feel all the more at home!!! J

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