Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 100 Feet Road Experience

Anyone who has been to Bangalore would most probably have been to the 100 Ft Road (Airport), Bangalore. It has a few of the city's finest shops/ fashion designer outlets/ sports shops/ beauty parlours etc. etc. and almost all branded eat outs and even a pub. And here is also where my friend D and I spent our best times of youth, window shopping!!!

Wait! We are not one of those girls who would make the counter wala dump all the clothes and then say, no no.. we never did that!!! Naaaa!... we would very politely say, before he/she pulls out stuff, “No thanks! I was just seeing!”???  ha ha ha! ‘Seeing’!!!!! J

We were just out of college, drawing out first few salaries and trying our best to limit our shopping to ‘window’. I am not claiming that we did…but we tried out bestest best. Every Saturday morning it was thrilling to get decked up, catch an auto, land up in 100 Ft road and eat our break fast (sometimes it would just be bread and jam from back home)…go around checking out shops, have my fav chicken tikka sandwich and Chocolate shock (I guess I got the name right) for lunch from CCD…. Do more window shopping and then head home finally to call it a day!

Our days at the 100 Ft Road finally ended with me getting engaged to my present day hubby… I had to keep my dates with him thereafter…. J

I can easily say those happening days at 100 Ft Road were some of the finest in my life.. Thanks D… You are my friend, dearer than the dearest… wait… should I call u sister…naaaah! Then we might ve fought.. not a sis… just so close to my heart… miss you!

PS: D also met her sweetheart soon after and is happily married now, missing 100 Ft Road as much as I do!

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