Thursday, December 16, 2010

The first snowfall

It happened on a cold November morning, of the year 2010.

Well, snow was not actually the top item on my list when I landed here in US, but it was so, for my hubby. After having my lil one, everything else in life, falls short of making it to top!!! The thought of winter left me worried of freezing in the cold/falling sick etc., and since snow was a part of it I secretly loathed it!

One day, responding to my hubby’s excited voice on the phone screaming “its snowing..its snowing..”, I lazily pulled aside the blinds and what was before me left me speechless for a while! It looked as if I ve entered into the screen of my TV when some movie was playing on HBO.. coz that’s the only place I ve seen something like this before!!! The roof of the building opposite to our patio was covered in white.. the leaves were bowing down with the weight of the snow falling on them, the bud of the plant nearest my window had a ball of snow on it, like a lollypop!

Whooopppie! I could feel the bubbles of excitement in me.. my wide grin broke into peels of laughter… like someone was tickling me! So my hubby proudly remarked as if he had the power to foresee my future…”see, I told u, u ‘d love it!!!”….i replied in submission, “Yes boss, you did!” J

I laughed to myself, just enjoying the sight of it! I had earlier tried to imagine how it would all look when snow finally falls… but, Mother Nature beat my imagination!

I commented on facebook that I was thrilled and someone immediately told me that “In time…you are gonna hate it…” Let me say, like everything else beautiful in our lives….maybe, snow will also be taken for granted in time……….. But its beauty never questioned!…J

PS: These snaps were taken from my cam, that day.

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