Monday, February 14, 2011

My childhood….

As a kid I remember having an uncanny desire to check out the unseen. Life was so full of adventure! Days when my bed post turned into an imaginary bike, on which I would ride like the cat woman; about whom I would ve read in the comic book the previous day!.. Days when my mom’s kumkum paste would turn into my red lipstick just like the one on Madhuri’s lips! Days when I would sit on my dad’s scooter and imagine myself to be wearing sari and dangling a handbag like mom!.. or sit in the car when no one’s watching and act as if am speeding away like an F1 racer! .. days when I would switch on music and dance like the heroine in the latest movies not to forget the number of times I tried imitating Aishwarya and Sushmita’s crowning moments….!

Mom’s handbag was always fascinating…. I would search it totally when she is back from office.. I even get the smell of her leather bag when I recollect those times..:)… She always used to get a chocolate for me … Saturday morning surprises from dad when he gets back from his week long trips.. he always would bring halwa or chips or something from wherever he goes..

I remember how excited we used to be about balloons, danglers and stars! …about Onam, Vishu and Christmas! About the new clothes mom and dad would get for my birthdays..!

How tasty everything felt when back from school hungry! All those times I used to sneak out and throw the left over of lunch so that mom wont scold me (sorry mom! Now I know how much of pain you took to make sure I get the right nutrition!). About how tasty that ‘forbidden’ sip up used to taste!

The story about ‘Hansel and Gratel’ was my favourite.. I ve spent days and nights imagining the house that was made of cupcakes, icecream and cherries… in fact I used to go to the library just to pick it up to see the illustration!

Those were the best days of my life.. carefree… mom/dad/bro to call for everything.. no in laws, no tension ;) … wow! … but yes, it was because of those days that this day happened…. Thanks to all in my life… most of u, just ROCK! :D

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  1. How true..! The post made me go back to those golden days when I used to do pretty much the same (OK, not the Sush / Aish one..! Athu ninakke pattu..!)
    Great post, dear.. Keep writing..!