Monday, February 14, 2011

Tiger and the Pig

I heard this story from my daughter’s story collection. It goes like this:

Once a tiger who was very thirsty stopped over for a drink from a pond which had sparkling pure water.  While he was drinking, a pig which was passing by also stopped for a drink from the same pond. The pig was stinking so much that the tiger turned and left the place in a huff. Seeing the tiger turn away the pig thought the tiger is afraid of him and became overconfident enough to call the tiger for a public ‘stunt’. The tiger turned him away again because he just could nt stand the stench. Nevertheless the pig’s overconfidence grew coz he still thought that the tiger was scared of him… the story goes on…..

This left me thinking about certain people we meet in our daily life, who repel away the other men with their character as stinking as the pig! Some people have such repelling nature that people feel it wise to not react to what they say and they just grow on it. It’s like a vicious cycle…. Only self realization can help such men/ women!

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