Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kids vs Adults

I was at the pediatrician’s office waiting to be called in for my daughter’s check up. Since the previous Friday had a bad weather condition there was more than normal rush at the small waiting room outside, on that Monday.

There was a TV mounted above which was showing some cartoons. It was then that I noticed an effervescent 6 year old who was getting increasingly impatient. She was accompanied by her granny who was trying vainly to preoccupy the little girl with books and remarking aloud about the characters coming on the TV overhead. She was however interested in finding her own ways of being entertained. She sat up on the chair facing its back and just somersaulted on the floor down. The first time she did that I held my breath.. she repeated that atleast 10 times before she called it quits.. she seemed to have had so much fun.. Content with this ‘trick’, she moved on to her next.

As adults, with all the curbs we place on ourselves, we live such unadventurous lives, that seeing kids like her, having so much fun with something as normal as a chair leaves one feeling bad, about having left something as joyful as childhood behind! If we see an adult doing something similar we would ve rushed him/her to an insanity center… But don’t we as adults need some fooling around?

Las Vegas or New York City might give us fun, but not as much as the joy we can find in our everyday lives with things as trivial as a chair!

Are nt we all becoming too serious???

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