Monday, February 14, 2011

Passing thought

I ve known many land lords in my past, who have demanded to be looked upon for the simple reason that a certain bit of paper gives him/her the authority over particular measurements of land. People hoard gold/cash/ other valuables just to ‘feel’ rich. I know people who have lots of cash in their account but will not ‘live on it’, coz that’s their confidence to live on.

Well, all of us are different and I am no exception to the follies of these ‘feelings’. Tell me why people spend thousands, billions and trillions to buy fancy homes, fancy cars and fancy dresses or even fancy shoes (read Jimmy Choos likes)?

Our want to a better education, a better job or a better salary is always intertwined with our desire to ‘own more properties’ or ‘to become rich’ or ‘to be considered rich’!  Are u nodding your head in disapproval? Ok... Would you give away those riches you piled for years to someone totally in need (let’s say homeless kids/ women?)…
If you get to travel in an aeroplane next time, don’t miss to take in the aerial view of the land below, does nt it look so teeny weenie? Looking down one might just wonder why people spend sleepless nights and restless days to earn that extra buck just to pay up the head crushing EMIs, so that they can own one more house in the city! From so far above all those crore worth houses look like matchboxes!....... is it really worth all what these guys toil for?

Or can we really ‘own’ these lands or houses,  what if ‘The Earth’ itself is someone else’s property? Well… crazy thoughts!??

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